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Shadow of Light

Shadow of Light

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36 X 48 inches. Acrylic on rolled canvas. Plenty of extra canvas for deep gallery wrap.

Make a striking statement with this captivating black and white piece featuring the profile of a drop-dead gorgeous woman. With her allure and elegance, she will elevate your space and set it apart from the rest. Prepare for the best kind of drama as this artwork becomes the focal point of your room.

Immerse yourself in the profound metaphorical journey captured within this artwork. The play between light and dark evokes a deeper exploration of the inherent beauty found in both realms. It symbolizes the symbiotic relationship between light and darkness, inviting contemplation on the interconnectedness of contrasting elements in life.

Let this stunning piece ignite conversations and inspire introspection as it invites you to embrace the beauty that exists in both light and dark. With its mesmerizing composition and powerful imagery, it transcends mere aesthetics and becomes a thought-provoking addition to your space. Experience the transformative power of art as it challenges perspectives and celebrates the intricate balance of opposing forces.

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