About Us

Established by artist Jill English, Gallery 327 delicately balances luxury with genuine originality in art. Imagined as a haven for those seeking truly unique pieces, Jill's curation invites visitors to discover a realm where each artwork tells its own profound tale.

From the subtly evocative to the boldly captivating, the gallery showcases a tapestry of art that caters to diverse preferences and spaces. And with the option of global shipping, Gallery 327 quietly offers a window to the world, inviting art enthusiasts everywhere to share in this curated experience. Curious? Explore what sets us apart.

 "Everyone deserves to live with original art!" -- Jill English

Jill, as an artist, beautifully captures life's ebb and flow through her creations. Each artwork isn't just about the colors and forms but rather a heartfelt reflection of her personal experiences and emotions.

In her abstract pieces, there's an enchanting blend of vibrant shades and textures, anchored by a sense of serene fluidity that deeply connects with viewers. Her portraits go beyond mere visual representation; they unveil the essence of the individual, portraying not just the face but the soul within.

With a journey spanning over twenty-five years and appreciation from around the world, Jill's work remains dynamic and ever-evolving. Every piece she crafts is a testament to her deep emotional connection and commitment to artistry. As we anticipate what's next, one thing is certain: Jill's art will always intrigue and inspire those fortunate enough to encounter it.