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Good Vibes: Monday

Good Vibes: Monday

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20 X 20 inches. Low profile 3/4 inch depth. Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas. Ready to hang.

Indulge in the vibrant and sunshiny mood created by this colorful painting, textured with gel paints. Its lively and textured surface adds depth and dimension, bringing a sense of energy and joy to any space.

The artwork is painted on a low-profile gallery wrapped canvas, offering versatility in display options. It can be hung as is, allowing the textured surface to shine, or for those seeking a more substantial presentation, framing is recommended to enhance the visual impact.

Allow this artwork to infuse your space with its cheerful and uplifting presence, adding a burst of color and positivity to your surroundings. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or office, it will create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere that will brighten your mood.

Experience the transformative power of art as you immerse yourself in the lively and textured world of this painting. Let its vibrant colors and playful textures evoke emotions and create a joyful ambiance that sparks delight and inspiration.

Computer screens can distort color. If you want extra photos of this artwork before you purchase then let us know as we are happy to email some to you.

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