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Beautiful Truth Dresses

Beautiful Truth Dresses


The Beautiful Truth

     During a chance encounter at my local coffee shop, a friend recently told me that she had unfollowed my posts on Facebook. Scrambling for words, my mind was racing through any possible offense I might have inflicted on this person. I keep it positive. I stick to photos of my art-in-progress, and vacation pics. Harmless, right?

     As it turns out, my friend had recently been served with divorce papers. It came as a devastating shock to her and seeing pictures of my, seemingly perfect, life did not help! She went on to say that while she appreciated my encouragement, I was one of those people who can fall in the mud and walk away clean, and she just wasn’t so lucky.

     She served me a side of STHU with my coffee, then we parted ways with an awkward hug, and I spent the rest of the day hurt, frustrated, mad, sad, and then… totally, joyfully, inspired.

     The trajectory that led to inspiration began with, ”She doesn’t know what I’ve been through,” on to, “Wow… If she only knew!”

     And then it occurred to me. She saw me as THAT woman. You know the one. She cut in line, in front of you, when God was passing out blessings and then moseyed away with your share too!

     My hurt feelings turned to laughter! Never in this lifetime did I think I would be THAT woman to someone else.

     Inspiration dealt me a hefty wallop that day as I thought about all of the wonderful women in my life; those who share their troubles, as well as those who don’t. I went to my studio to dig out some beautiful paper that I had been saving for a special occasion. One thing led to another and, like a mad scientist sequestered in my lair, I created 33 dresses. By months end there were 72 more.

     To me these sassy, sexy, powerful dresses represent the Beautiful Truth about women. We are frayed and we are patched. We are worn, torn and cut. But when you take a step back and see the whole dress- IT’S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

     I plan to make 365 dresses in total- one for every day, and for each of you who need to be reminded that your flaws and your circumstances do not define you!

     When you start to feel as if you are nothing but an old, worn-out frock—think of the dresses I made for you! The Beautiful Truth is that you are fantastic!

  -- Jill English