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TOTEM - Strength

$ 9,000.00

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TOTEM - Strength - Gallery 327

TOTEM - Strength

In some cultures totem poles represent the powerful rights and privileges that a tribe held. Through representation on a totem pole individuals of that lineage had a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in the world and their value as a being.

This piece was designed as a totem of strength. She is 7 feet tall and made of resin, wood, and metal. She strongly resembles glass but she is far more durable. Let her be a reminder to all who gaze upon her that strength does not always appear as expected, and sometimes those who appear to be the most fragile or weak, are actually the strongest of all.

She is glazed with white, light grays, metallic silvers and pewter, along with hints and splashes of gold. The base of this artwork is 22" wide by just under 11" in depth. The totem itself varies between 5 to 7 inches in both  width and depth.